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Baltic AMBER Jewelry Genuine SOUVENIR Women Earrings
제목 Baltic AMBER Jewelry Genuine SOUVENIR Women Earrings
작성자 Alisahasp (ip:)
  • 작성일 2017-11-22 17:18:10
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  • 2017-12-19 07:11:02 0점 댓글 수정 댓글 삭제 스팸글 The year 2010 // PIKEUR is official outfitter of the show jumping team

    PIKEUR is official outfitter of the show jumping team at the earth Equestrian Games in Kentucky/USA

    The entire year 2010 // Anna Maria Jakobs for PIKEUR / ESKADRON

    Since January 2010 the successful young show jumping rider who, already at this stage in her young job, can look back at involvement in Countries' Cup situations, becomes new ambassador of the PIKEUR / ESKADRON brands. PIKEUR is quite sure that with her skill, strong will and equine probable, all equestrian sports activities enthusiasts will continue to have great pleasure with Anna Maria Jakobs and her top horses Lausejunge.

    The year 2009

    PIKEUR expands its contract as Olympic outfitter with the DOKR for the disciplines of traveling and show jumping. The company has now been outfitter of the cadre continuously since 1972.

    The year 2008 // Olympic Games

    PIKEUR is the official outfitter of the German show jumping team at the Olympic Video games in Hong Kong.

    The entire year 2007 // This year the company celebrates its 50-12 months jubilee

    Per annum with a number of special features culminates in a jubilee happening with 750 invited guests from business, sport and politics.
    At exactly the same time further capacity growth is completed at the Werther location in order to cope with the increased recycleables requirement and the bigger shipping volumes.

    The entire year 2006 // PIKEUR is the Official Outfitter at the entire world Equestrian Game titles in Aachen

    For decades the equestrian styles producer PIKEUR has been the reliable outfitter-partner of numerous equestrian sports groups at top international competitive occurrences including European and World Championships as well as the Olympic Games.
    In the occasion of the World Equestrian Game titles in Aachen the world's leading brand was faced with a totally new task:

    For the greatest event in the history of German equestrianism, the whole German countrywide team is provided with competition clothing by PIKEUR. Furthermore, via the father or mother company - the Brinkmann Group headquartered in Herford - all German riders and officials of most seven disciplines include formal dress for his or her public performances, which had been specifically suitable for this purpose. This elegant collection includes suits, blouses and scarves for the gals; jackets, trousers, t-shirts and ties for the men.
    Furthermore all people of the championship cadre from seniors to young riders, juniors to the pony-cadre are provided with the official formal clothing to the finish of 2008.

    As a global player in the field of equestrian sports, PIKEUR dreams to stand on the winner's rostrum together with Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, Ludger Beerbaum and Marco Kutscher as well as the complete German team.

    PIKEUR Charity - Germany Flag facilitates therapeutic riding

    Outfitter PIKEUR flies its flag

    In the World Equestrian Games in Aachen the driving wear manufacturer PIKEUR demonstrates dedication to a good cause: The company offers German flags at the function. For each and every flag sold, one euro is donated to Therapeutic Operating in Bethel. The flags can be found at the joint stand of City Reitsport Huvers (Borken) and Reitsport Kronen (Nettetal) for a cost of two euros. Marco Kutscher (incumbent Double European Champ in Show Jumping) and Klaus Brinkmann (Taking care of Director of PIKEUR) support the plan and take flight the flag.

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